I recently decided to pursue a Tax Consultants License in Oregon, after being a registered tax preparer in CA for over 20 years. I moved to OR, but never got a tax license here. When I decided to do so in the fall of this year, I applied and was eligible to take the consultant’s exam because of my past experience. I failed it twice. I was miserable. I found your videos, . . . and they did the trick to give me the training I needed. . . I passed the test 12/15/18 with an 80% and I am so proud of myself (I am 72), and thankful to you.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you – I watched you straight for one month, morning noon and night, over and over again, and read your manuals and studied. So I feel like we are old friends. . . your videos helped me immensely. I now look forward to my new career in Oregon as an LTC and I am already planning to open an office in Redmond, and get my daughter licensed so she can help me.

Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.

Bonnie A Nixon

April, You are an anointed and gifted teacher! I have done several CE in the past; and nothing compares to your program. It is the best I have found for practical application; making sense of areas that weren’t absolutely clear; and digging in and understanding the concepts and forms line by line. I am thoroughly enjoying the program and platform! I was able to brief the manual, then watch the video; follow along with classwork; then complete quiz and independent homework without any of the answer keys first – I really wanted to challenge myself. I’ll now go back and actually open and look at answer keys. I’m looking forward to having PNW Tax School be my first go to for all tax issues and areas that I really want to have top knowledge, practical application, and confidence!

Deborah Warringer

Course(s) Completed: Self Paced - 2010 Tax Law: Small Business Bundle, Self Paced - 2010 Tax Law: Introduction to S corprations & LLC's, Self Paced - 2010 Tax Law: Federal Tax Credits for Business, Self Paced - 2010 Tax Law: Rental Income And Passive Activity Limits, Self Paced - 2010 Tax Law: Sale of Assets, Self Paced - 2010 Tax Law: Self-Employment Income and Expenses, Self Paced - 2010 Tax Law: Depreciation Made Easy

I now have a good overview of the mechanics of the 1065 and 1120S Forms. I will be taking more of the existing offerings.  Very well done!


Course(s) Completed: Introduction to S-Corporations and LLCs (Self-paced online)

The instructor clarified some points for me in her lecture that I had never fully grasped before, and the exercises really helped me to think through and apply the concepts. I found the class format to be more helpful than many of the lecture-only CPE workshops that I’ve attended. Thank you!


Course(s) Completed: Filing Status & Dependents (Self- paced online)

Thanks go out to PNWTaxSchool for such a thorough class.   I was able to pass the Enrolled Agent Part 1 individual the first time from just going through your basic tax law course.  I can’t tell you how pleased I was with your course.  Other tax preparers that I show the course work load say they can’t believe how thorough your course is.  The other people had to study for months after their basic course to go sit for the EA exams. Keep up the good work.  Thanks to everyone for the help and support.

Just thought you would also like to here that I passed the Oregon exam with 85%. Go Team.  You can add another passed person to the list.

Thanks again and great teaching.

Corey R

Course(s) Completed: Basic Tax Course (Federal & Oregon Law)

I just took a webinar with April yesterday – it was a great experience and a really good way to get Continuing Ed hours.  It’s very convenient, especially for those of us who have a hard time setting aside an entire day for a CE class.  The price is right, too.

The quality of the class I took (Basis of Assets) was excellent – April is a wonderful teacher and the “class manual” was very well written and informative.

Karen Woodman

Course(s) Completed: Basis of Assets

I passed the State exam with a 92% (didn’t know if you received the results or not).  I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and patience over this last year.  I would recommend your course to anyone who asked.

Again, thank you!


Course(s) Completed: Basic Tax Course

I liked how it (the Course) completed my understanding as related to resultant handling of self-employment income on individual returns. I now have a good overview of the mechanics of the 1065 and 1120S Forms. I will be taking more of the existing offerings. Very well done!


Course(s) Completed: Introduction to S-Corporations & LLCs

I normally satisfy my continuing ed through my employer who has a tax school here. I really like being able to do this at my own pace and not have to adhere to a specific time slot each week. You give adequate information but also require and encourage additional research which I feel is important, too.  I like the self-paced forum. It allows you to complete your hours and gives you the flexibility for unforeseen situations that come up in your personal life.

April (course instructor), I like the personal situations you share that you have encountered. They help clarify and give direction for those sometimes odd situations we encounter.Again, the self-paced on-line availability is, well, priceless.  And, again, your program gives you a good basis, but requires some research-always invaluable.


Course(s) Completed: Investment, Wage and Other Income (Self-Paced Online)

The Cost is Reasonable, the Materials (Book) was well Organized, My E-mails were answered wthin reasonable time, it was good learning Experience for me, an Excellent Experience I might Add.

Do not fix what is not Broken! The Course is excellent. If you want an indepth study course PNWT is an Excellent Choice. The Web page is easy to Use. This Course is not a watered down Course, it is for the Serious Minded in Obtaining a well Rounded Education in Tax Preparation. If you want a Certificate; a piece of Paper there are plenty of Generic Schools out there. If you want a Quality Education for an affordable price and Well Rounded Basis for your Practice from my Personal Experience I recommend Pacific Northwest Tax School.

Edward Contreras

Course(s) Completed: CTEC Basic Tax Course (Federal & California Law)

I was very impressed with both the materials and lecture, thank you April! And I learned quite a bit. It was definitely worth the time and effort I put into it, even though that ended up being more than 4 hours.

One more note, I especially found it useful for April to show both the incorrect and correct ways to treat goodwill. The tax return I am presently working on includes both sale of a business and sale of rental property; this course will prove to be quite useful as I prepare the return.

Nichole P.

Course(s) Completed: Sale of Assets (Form 4797)

I did want to thank you for putting together such great classes.  I took the LTC exam last week and passed. I didn’t have much time to study, so I passed the test because of the thoroughness of your classes.

I look forward to taking more classes from Pacific Northwest Tax School in the future and am encouraging my employees to at least enroll in your Oregon class. Excellent material.

Thanks again!

Jeanine Fling

Course(s) Completed: LTC Prep Series

I passed the State Test with a 91%. Thank you for all of your great instruction.


Really got my brain going – was in awe with instructor’s knowledge.


The overall blend of instruction, class work, homework, quizzes and tests, although strenuous, provided a good overall understanding of the subject matter.


Thanks for making what could have been a very dry and boring class, interesting, fun and an all together enjoyable experience!